Business Assurance: Managing data to mitigate risk

Business Assurance: Managing data to mitigate risk


Quantifying, measuring and benchmarking your business processes – from customer experience to fraud management – enables problems to be uncovered, identifies their root cause and how best to overcome them. Moreover, with ever increasing volumes of data it is becoming more difficult to detect trends that help mitigate risk. Maintaining a broad view of the whole organization can help identify solutions. But what are the market moves, the underlying trends and the key Revenue and Business Assurance challenges they present for Telecom operators?

WeDo Technologies’ Simon Collins and Brian Silvestri will discuss how implementing a strong Business Assurance strategy can support companies in successfully implementing their business plans. A case study example will be used to illustrate best practice.

Join us for this free webinar from in association with WeDo technologies as we address the following:

  • - How are you measuring your business: are its key drivers on target?
  • - Are you benchmarking key business indicators: how does your business compare within the industry?
  • - Are you assessing your business’ robustness: are the underlying risks being managed?
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