Solving the puzzle of system integration

Solving the puzzle of system integration


As telecommunication networks grow more and more complex by trying to combine several generations of technologies, bringing a new product or solution into an existing infrastructure becomes an even bigger challenge.

As a trusted partner with over 30 years of experience in the telco industry, Kapsch CarrierCom supports operators in the process of integrating a new product or service into the existing multi-vendor environment. As a vendor-independent system integrator, we are offering an end-to-end implementation and integration while saving costs for the customer and at the same time focusing on subscriber satisfaction.

In this webinar you can learn what makes a good system integrator:

–    Pick local – choose a system integrator close to you
–    Look for independence – get an objective opinion with the right focus
–    Be up to date – work with experts who are one step ahead
–    Size matters – find a partner of the right size for maximum customer satisfaction

Additionally Kapsch will present three case studies to demonstrate these issues. Find out more about:

–    TDM transition to an IP network for a major fixed network carrier in Austria
–    Implementation of a policy control system over 6 countries for an international mobile provider
–    Smooth migration of the parts of the existing backbone network (SDH, TDM, ATM) to a new IP/MPLS network for a major Bulgarian mobile operator while guaranteeing the co-existance with the existing technology

To download the free Kapsch Whitepaper ‘Systems integration: from tax to benefit, the importance of the right-sized systems integrator’ click here

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